I Spy… Images of Women in STEM

As a STEM educator, I know how important it is for students to “see it in order to be it.” Role Models that look like my kids make a lasting impression, and contribute to self-efficacy, the belief that if you can do it, I can too.

So, while I’m out beating the bushes (not really so hard — see http://www.fabfems.org as a starting point) to connect to fantastic STEM role models, I can also strategically place posters and other visuals in my STEM space to inspire my students.

Here are some of my current favorite places for print media featuring female STEM role models:

My absolute favorite posters for little kids are free to download from Andrea Beaty (author of Rosie Revere, Engineer) here:

These are great Women in Science posters, free to download:

NASA has free, downloadable posters of Women at NASA (including Katherine Johnson of Hidden Figures fame!): http://chandra.si.edu/women/

And I like this color printable lithograph of “Women of Color: Pioneers and Innovators at NASA” http://chandra.si.edu/women/images/women_litho.pdf

Here are some suggestions for posters emphasizing gender equity:

http://www.iwitts.org/store/recruitment-products/unlimited-potential-posters shows women working in engineering technology

http://www.iwitts.org/store/women-in-engineering/posters has a powerful message: “Think Women Can’t Be Engineers? Think again.”

And head to NAPE (a thought leader on equity) for 10 posters about equitable practices (not STEM specific)

Let me know what you choose to download, or if you’ve found some great resources to share!


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